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Submitted on
November 13, 2012
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My love has gone, my yearning passed.
I lost my way, I lost my heart.
I didn’t care to guard it well,
Now it is to be found nowhere.

Just now I thought I had it here,
But only emptiness remains.
It didn’t shatter, didn’t break,
Just disappeared and left no trace.

Oh, tell me why I couldn’t be
The one that lasted evermore.
Oh, tell me, couldn’t I be good
Take better care of what is dear?

But love, alas, I lost my heart
Forgive me that I didn’t see
How swiftly it escaped my grasp
And left this place forevermore.

I lost my way, I can’t go on,
There’s nothing left worth fighting for.
I lost my heart, and I’m afraid
Without my heart I cannot love.
... I don't usually write poetry.
But sometimes, things just come to me. Poetry, to me, is something extremely personal, something extremely close to my heart and not necessarily something I want to improve on, so you're free to criticize, but I probably won't really take notice of it. I only really do this to get feelings on paper.
But, hey, I kinda like how this turned out, so I'm uploading it. Maybe somebody likes it.

(This isn't REALLY free verse, but it isn't traditional fixed form either, so I just put it in free verse.)
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Sormaru Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I like the poem, but i sincerely hope that your not depressed though
Dracona-Wynne-Hale Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely beautiful...
...Are you all right?
AstralMu Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this poem. I can understand everything about it and connect to it as well.
Horobinota Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sniffle* T-that was b-beautiful!!! And sad! Wow, talented artist, talented writer, is there anything you're NOT good at??? Does Wass needeth a hug?:hug:
GoldenMyth Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Before reading: Wass made a poem? Cool! :D
After: Waaaahhhh!!!! ;A;
zactoab Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's certainly better than my attempt at love poetry.
LuzuOL Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I'm not a huge fan of poetry (specially when it is not written in Spanish) but I must admit I enjoyed reading this one.
Serapheel Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I think it's beautiful but I'm french and I don't understand all ^^" There is someone to translate please ?
Wasserbienchen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Sorry, I don't think my french is good enough to provide a translation ^^""
Umbreon-art Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Warning I used google translate for this so I don't know how acurate it will be

Mon amour est parti, mon désir passé.
J'ai perdu mon chemin, j'ai perdu mon cœur.
Je n'ai pas envie de le garder ainsi,
Maintenant, il se trouve nulle part.

Tout à l'heure je pensais que je l'avais ici,
Mais reste que le vide.
Il ne se brise pas, ne casse pas,
Tout simplement disparu sans laisser de traces.

Oh, dites-moi pourquoi je ne pouvais pas être
Celui qui a duré éternellement.
Oh, dites-moi, je ne pourrais pas être bon
Mieux prendre soin de ce qui est cher?

Mais l'amour, hélas, j'ai perdu mon coeur
Pardonnez-moi ce que je n'ai pas vu
Avec quelle rapidité il a échappé à ma portée
Et quitté cet endroit pour toujours.

J'ai perdu mon chemin, je ne peux pas aller plus loin,
Il ne reste rien mérite d'être défendue.
J'ai perdu mon cœur, et je crains
Sans mon cœur, je ne peux pas aimer.
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